Installation view Ocean Dancer, 2022, duo exhibition with Maria Zahle, Violet art space, Antwerp
Dageinde (2016), 2021, Analog c-print in artist's frame, 55,5 x 42 cm
(2018), 2021, Analog c-print in artist's frame, 55,5 x 48 cm
Detail Dageinde (2016), 2021
Detail (2018), 2021
Both these images were created with an interval of time in between: the first shot of the chair dates from 2016, the second from 2018. Both images were selected based on a happenstance discovery of traces (markings) of the development process which can be found on both negatives. These 'mistakes' of the photo lab machine were welcome adaptations of the original images, corresponding with the concept of the assemblage, in which the machine also has creative agency . In one image, droplets which have not been dried during the development process run straight through the image and flow into the pine motif. In the other image, a mysterious blue vertical line appears in the dense black background just between two vertical pine bars. The analog development process, its fluids and irregularities, becomes autofigurative, replacing the original subject of the work (chair).